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How it works

SNAP helps New Yorkers buy food. SNAP provides monthly benefits on an Electronic Benefit Card (EBT) to spend at local grocery stores and farmers’ markets. Benefits are calculated based on factors such as the number of people living in the home, income, and expenses.


To be eligible, a household must meet income and residency requirements. There are additional requirements for certain populations to receive SNAP.

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Our Nutrition Outreach and Education Program (NOEP) offers one-on-one help applying for SNAP.

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SNAP Facts in NYS


or 1 in 7 people in NYS relied on SNAP to put food on their tables in 2022.


of SNAP participants are in families with children. (2022)


per person per day is provided by SNAP benefits in NYS in 2023

An overview of SNAP in New York State.

SNAP in New York – Who Benefits?

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The reauthorization process for the 2023 Farm Bill is underway. SNAP stakeholders have a critical opportunity to advocate for policies that protect and strengthen SNAP.

SNAP and the Farm Bill

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SNAP Prescreening Guide

Our new digital SNAP Eligibility Prescreening Guide helps those working with SNAP consumers to determine potential eligibility, estimate benefit amounts, and assist with the SNAP application process and recertification.

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SNAP Replacement Benefits

Learn about the process for requesting SNAP replacement benefits due to flooding, power outages or other misfortunes.

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Oct 1 Budgeting Updates

Each October, SNAP standards and deductions are adjusted. Use these updated tools and resources to estimate SNAP benefit amounts for eligible families.

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SNAP and Seniors

Information, tools, and resources to help seniors (age 60+) apply for and maintain SNAP benefits.

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Expanded Eligibility for Students

Recent changes in SNAP policy have expanded SNAP eligibility to thousands of low-income NYS students.

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Broad-Based Categorical Eligibility (Cat El)

Households with gross incomes between 130% and 200% of the federal poverty line (FPL) – but whose costs for shelter, utilities, and child care, render their net incomes at or below 100% FPL – can qualify for SNAP.

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Able-Bodied Adults Without Dependents (ABAWD)

Childless adults aged 18 to 52, referred to in SNAP regulations as ABAWD, are normally subject to a time limit. The ABAWD time limit rule is currently suspended in all counties in NYS through February 28, 2025.

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SNAP & Immigrants

View SNAP policies, information, and issues related to immigrants:


We can help

We can provide you with information on SNAP policies, along with tools and resources to help you improve access to SNAP for those you serve. We also provide:

  • Statewide and localized data on SNAP participation and food insecurity
  • Information and materials to help your education or advocacy efforts
  • Opportunities to partner with our NOEP program to expand local SNAP outreach.

Contact Dawn Secor, SNAP Policy Manager, for assistance.

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