There is no need to share with you the statistics on the number of hungry children in New York, or how many seniors make the difficult choice between food and medication. Hunger is real in New York; we all know it.

Instead, let us share with you stories from people across New York who have been impacted by our work. Janetlynn Remy Hall, a former Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) recipient, is a single mother of two children, one of whom is disabled. She works at a non-profit agency, and takes college classes working toward a bachelor’s degree in human services. This life is one that the HIV+ Janetlynn never envisioned for herself. She is a former SNAP recipient because one of our Nutrition Outreach and Education Program (NOEP) coordinators helped Janetlynn get SNAP benefits. In doing so, Janetlynn was able to stretch her food budget, freeing up resources she needed to afford permanent, safe housing. This housing enabled her mother to move in and watch the children so that Janetlynn could get a job. The extra income from her part-time job, the childcare her mother provided, and regular consistent meals, helped Janetlynn break her poverty cycle. This led to her eventual transition off of SNAP benefits.

Janetlynn is but one of the over 33,000 households the Hunger Solutions New York NOEP coordinators helped to receive monthly SNAP benefits this past year.

Christian Zabriskie, Branch Administrator of the Yonkers Public Library knows well the impact the Summer Food Service Program has had for kids in his community. His library is one of the 121 public library sites across our state that serve summer meals. Dee Dee Russell Scott, a teacher at Newburgh Central School District, understands the positive impact the School Breakfast Program has had on her students, an effect also felt by the over 560,000 New York State students who eat breakfast at school every day.  Hunger Solutions New York works to expand the number of organizations offering the Summer Food Service Program and the number of schools offering the School Breakfast Program.

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Support for our advocacy and public policy work to ensure that Congress continues to fund nutrition assistance programs is so important, as now, more than ever, entitlement and safety net programs are under constant attack. 

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