What We Do

Hunger Solutions New York is a caring and informed voice for hungry New Yorkers.

We believe no one should ever wonder where their next meal is coming from. We strive to maximize participation in, and the effectiveness of, federally funded nutrition assistance programs including:
Hunger Solutions New York works one-on-one with those who struggle to keep food on the table. We fund community-based organizations to provide education, support and application assistance through the Nutrition Outreach and Education Program, SNAP Help Long Island and WIC Help NY. These programs connect New Yorkers to federally funded nutrition assistance programs.
We consult with, train, and provide resources to non-profit organizations, school districts, and other agencies to help make their anti-hunger efforts more efficient and effective.
Hunger Solutions New York advocates for policies and legislation to improve nutrition assistance programs at the state and federal level. Based on consultation with federal and state administering agencies, partner organizations and local providers, we develop public policy recommendations to help significantly reduce hunger in New York State.

Our Programs

Hunger Solutions New York manages the Nutrition Outreach and Education Program (NOEP), WIC Help NY and is a partner in the SNAP Help Long Island Initiative. 

Our Services

Hunger Solutions New York advocates for policies that contribute to ending hunger and creates materials for organizations and agencies to use to develop and support their anti-hunger efforts.