School Breakfast Program

Hunger is a fundamental obstacle to learning.

Neither the best curriculum nor the most outstanding teachers can overcome the hurdle hunger poses. The federally funded national School Breakfast Program (SBP)’s role in reducing hunger, improving health and bolstering student success is critical and growing.

Find program specifics and strategies, our annual report on school breakfast participation and additional resources at the links below.

Hunger Solutions New York works with school and government leaders, and organizations statewide to help increase access to the SBP. We:

  • Provide one-on-one assistance to schools to increase participation in the SBP through the implementation of alternative breakfast service models.
  • Engage education stakeholders and establish partnerships with statewide/regional organizations to promote the SBP and strategies to increase participation.
  • Analyze participation in the SBP, research and disseminate program updates, track participation trends, and gather best practices.

Program Basics

How school breakfast works and who can eat for free or at a reduced price

Current Participation

A significant number of students qualify for free and reduced-price breakfast, yet participation remains low.

Breakfast After the Bell

Schools that implement an alternative breakfast model experience the largest increase in student participation, revenue, and benefits linked to eating school breakfast.

Why School Breakfast Matters

The School Breakfast Program reduces hunger, bolsters success, and improves health and nutrition.

Bridging the Gap: Our 2018 School Breakfast Report

Read our findings on school breakfast participation, and learn how Breakfast After the Bell can help more low-income kids start the day with a healthy breakfast.

Additional Resources

More information from our partners, and grant opportunities