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A tribute to our friend, Don Friedman

Hunger Solutions New York Board Member 2005 – 2020

The Board and staff of Hunger Solutions New York mourn the loss of Don Friedman, who passed away unexpectedly on August 21, 2020. A Harvard Law School graduate, Don was a dedicated and talented social justice lawyer, who recently retired from the Empire Justice Center. Don was an equally committed Board member at Hunger Solutions New York.

Don employed his talents on behalf of Hunger Solutions New York during his 15 years on the Board serving first as a member, and then as Chairperson of the Public Affairs Committee. While unassuming and genial, Don was a skilled and effective advocate for the disadvantaged and disenfranchised. Don always instinctively focused on the fairness of any idea or decision upon those who would be impacted. Don’s demeanor enabled him to effectively make his case and, when necessary, disagree without being disagreeable in the interest of those for whom he advocated.

We miss Don terribly and our thoughts are with Don’s family and loved ones.

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Don was a good friend, highlighted by our mutual Legal Services experiences and culminating in our more recent association on the Hunger Solutions New York board. The loss of him is especially poignant, coming at the difficult time. I will miss him.

Bill ShapiroHunger Solutions New York Board Member

Don was such a man of justice, decency, and goodness. He will be missed but he will certainly live on in all the good he brought to this world.

Mark QuandtHunger Solutions New York Board Treasurer

It was a privilege to serve with Don on the Board, and he will be missed for his invaluable contributions, and for being such a wonderful person!

Maureen MurphyHunger Solutions New York Board Secretary

His wisdom and experience will be missed.

Dana WolinHunger Solutions New York Board Member

Being relatively new to the Board, I am very sorry I did not have the opportunity to get to know Don. He appears to have been a rare and wonderful human being.

Sandra RhoadesHunger Solutions New York Board Vice President

He was clearly a wonderful person and blessing in the lives of so many.

Grace BeganyHunger Solutions New York Board Member