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Campaign for a Hunger-Free New York
 Public Policy Platform

Hunger Solutions New York annually develops federal, state and local public policy recommendations to significantly reduce the incidence of hunger in New York State. Based on extensive consultation with federal and state administering agencies, partner organizations and local providers, these recommendations call for actions that will:

  • Increase the participation rate of eligible people in all nutrition assistance programs.
  • Increase the adequacy of benefits provided by federal nutrition assistance programs.
  • Expand the eligibility criteria for the federal nutrition assistance programs so that the programs may reach more people in need.
  • Increase access to federal nutrition assistance programs.
  • Streamline and simplify federal nutrition assistance program administration.
  • Improve the quality of meals served through the federal nutrition assistance programs.
  • Increase funding for federal nutrition assistance programs, including state and federal emergency food programs, to meet the needs of hungry New Yorkers

Our 2020 Federal Policy Priorities

Our 2020 New York State Policy Priorities