Hunger Solutions New York and SNAP in the News

Business Insider

The government shutdown is forcing millions of Americans to stretch their monthly food benefits to the limit Sherry Tomasky, Director of Communications and Public Affairs speaks with Mariana Alfaro about the Government Shutdown and SNAP, especially on how benefits for February being issued in January and how agencies across New York, she said, are trying to make sure SNAP beneficiaries are made aware that they have to carefully budget their SNAP money this month. 

The Daily Gazette 

Worries grow over the loss of food stamp assistance

Sherry Tomasky, Director of Communications and Public Affairs, speaks with Stephen Williams about the impact of the government shutdown on federal nutrition programs, like SNAP and the stress on Food Banks and pantries to address hunger,


Long Island advocates worry about possible food stamp cuts: a Comprehensive feature about the impact proposed Farm Bill SNAP work requirements will have on Long Island residents. Sherry Tomasky, Public Affairs Director at Hunger Solutions New York, speaks with Newsday’s Stepahnie Dazio about the proposed work requirements and their impact on hunger

Times Union 

SNAP recipients face a long wait before March payment: Sherry Tomasky, Communications and Public Affairs Director speak with Diego Mendoza-Moyers about February SNAP benefits were paid out early due to the federal government shutdown and the impact this will have on SNAP recipients.

Faso pushes GOP requirement for a work plan for SNAP benefits: Sherry Tomasky, Communications and Public Affairs Director speaks with the Times Union’s Dan Freedman about the reality of hunger in New York and how stringent work requirements aren’t the solution to alleviating this hunger.

SNAP work requirement is in House-passed Farm Bill: Linda Bopp, Executive Director at Hunger Solutions New York on the impact the passage of H.R.2 the House Farm Bill will have on New York.


The Poughkeepsie Journal and Kingston Daily Freeman

Joint Opinion featured in The Poughkeepsie Journal and Kingston Daily Freeman from Paul Stermer, Director of the Hudson Valley Food Bank and Linda Bopp, Executive Director of Hunger Solutions New York on how food banks and pantries won’t be able to make up the difference in demand if there are any cuts to SNAP benefits.

WAMC North East Public Radio 

Focus On Farm Bill As Congress Creates Conference Committees radio segment features Sherry Tomasky and other anti-hunger, and farm advocates assess the House and Senate Farm Bills, deliberations are expected to be most contentious over nutrition assistance program provisions.