Maximizing CEP

CEP maximizes federal reimbursements and streamlines meal service, making it easier to implement alternative school breakfast service models like Breakfast After the Bell.

Once free breakfast is available to all students, CEP schools can make it more accessible by incorporating it into the school day. Programs like Breakfast in the Classroom, Grab and Go and Second Chance Breakfast can help families whose schedules make it difficult to fit in breakfast at home and can also alleviate the problem of students missing breakfast in the cafeteria for any number of reasons, including bus schedules or long lines.

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New York State schools that implement CEP without alternative breakfast service models have seen minimal increases in breakfast participation when comparing to schools that have implemented CEP in addition to a Breakfast After The Bell program.

A case study conducted in two districts with similar enrollment, both of which implemented CEP, found Breakfast After the Bell programming made significant impacts on overall school breakfast participation. During a one year period, the school district that implemented CEP without Breakfast After the Bell programs increased breakfast participation from 23% to 28%, while the district that implemented CEP with Breakfast After The Bell programs increased participation from 23% to 52% in a one year period.