This newest SNAP policy update from Hunger Solutions New York highlights the policies and procedures for the NYS ABAWD Time Limit Rule that began in many counties on January 1, 2016. This SNAP policy update provides the following information:

·         ABAWD Time Limit Rule

·         Waivers for Counties and Jurisdictions

·         Who is Exempt from the Time Limit Rule

·         Maintaining Eligibility for SNAP Participants Who Must Meet ABAWD Work Requirements

·         ABAWD Exclusions (Individual Exclusions or 15% Exemptions)

·         When a Month Does NOT Count Toward the 3 Month Time Limit

·         Reporting Requirements Under the Time Limit Rule

·         Failure to Meet the ABAWD Time Limit Rule and Notice Requirements

·         Re-establishing SNAP Eligibility for ABAWDs

·         ABAWD Grace Period

·         Tools and Resources for Community Agencies Working With SNAP Recipients

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