The Senate’s version of the 2018 farm bill was released June 8. Hunger Solutions New York applauds Senate Agriculture Chairman Roberts and Ranking Member Stabinow on the introduction of the Senate farm bill, “The Agriculture Improvement Act of 2018,” and their bipartisan cooperation that takes a vastly different approach from the House Farm Bill (H.R.2). We are encouraged that the Senate recognizes the value of SNAP, and the need to protect and improve the program. SNAP already encourages individuals to find work, and the Senate bill takes steps to address barriers to work that many encounter by strengthening and increasing partnerships in employment and training. The House Farm Bill, by contrast, proposes to dramatically limit the availability of SNAP, reduce the benefits it provides, and place new bureaucratic requirements on clients. The House bill is scheduled for a re-vote by June 22. We urge members of the House to reject SNAP cuts in H.R. 2 and instead, follow the lead of the Senate and protect the program for those it serves.