Toolkit: SNAP and the Farm Bill Essential to New York

The Farm Bill is a comprehensive, multi-year piece of legislation that covers a diverse array of federal farm, food, fiber, forestry, and rural policies and programs. The last farm bill, in 2014, contained 12 titles, the largest title is the Nutrition Title, which contains the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) The Farm Bill which is renewed every five years, this year congress will be working on reauthorizing the Farm Bill and this will provide an opportunity to make changes to the food assistance programs in the bill, including SNAP.  For 40 years, SNAP has ensured that Americans don’t go hungry.  If SNAP is weakened, New York State and our nation will see more hunger and food insecurity, worse health outcomes and higher health care costs.

Join Hunger Solutions New York in protecting and strengthening SNAP.  This toolkit is designed to support and spark community organization’s efforts to educate and activate their networks, communities and elected officials around this effective, powerful program.  Your voice matters, and 1 in 7 of our fellow New Yorkers are depending on us to keep the program intact and to defend against cuts or other structural changes that will increase hunger.  We will continue to build this toolkit adding additional materials and resources-stay tuned!!

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Importance of SNAP in New York State
SNAP and the Farm Bill: Essential to New York State
SNAP and the Farm Bill: Policy Priorities