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SNAP and Emergency Food Programs: The Ultimate Public and Private Partnership

Robert Campbell, Director of Nutrition Assistance and Budget Policy, Feeding America
Jan Poppendieck, Senior Fellow, CUNY Urban Food Policy Institute
Triada Stampas, Vice President for Research & Public Affairs, Food Bank For New York City

Emergency Food Programs (EFP) and SNAP are effective and important tools used to combat hunger in NYS and nationally. The history and economics of public and private food assistance programs will be the starting point for this session, which will center on building stronger coalitions and a broader vision of how to end hunger. Feeding America will share how it is working to engage its network in protecting and strengthening SNAP, and will share insights about how to best reach EFP clients with SNAP messaging. The discussion will wrap up with a look at how the Food Bank for NYC highlights the work of its network, NYC’s existing meal gap and how SNAP helps fill that gap for hungry people.

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Triada Stampas
The Importance of the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) in NYS
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