Program description

Replicable Local Initiatives to Address Hunger

Gloria McAdam, Executive Director, GardenShare
Natasha Pernicka, MPA, Executive Director, The Food Pantries for the Capital District
Allison Puglia, Vice President of Programs and Agency Relations, Island Harvest Food Bank
Caity Tremblay, Food Service Coordinator, Troy Boys and Girls Club

This interactive session will highlight local initiatives that address hunger in various populations. Participants will visit three roundtables for 20 minutes each to learn about innovative programs, partnerships, and efforts from organizations across our state. Topics will include: mapping community needs from the perspective of food pantries; partnering with schools in ways that connect eligible families with SNAP and allow schools to provide all students with free meals; leveraging private donations to maximize SNAP use at farmers’ markets and for community supported agriculture (CSA) shares; how child nutrition sponsors can successfully vend high-quality meals prepared by other program sponsors; and more.

Troy Boys & Girls Club Food Service Program Menu May 2017
Caity Tremblay
Fact Sheet: GardenShare
Gloria McAdam
GardenShare – Bonus Bucks
Gloria McAdam
Siena College Poll: Capital District Food Security Survey
Natasha Pernicka
Filling the Gap Food Pantry System and Community Needs Assessment
Natasha Pernicka
ALICE Report
Natasha Pernicka