The Center on Budget and Policy Priorities has released a statement on the FY 2018 House budget resolutions that is being marked up today.  The budget plan is broadly similar in direction and theme to President Trump’s budget:  cutting trillions of dollars from basic assistance, health programs, and core investments in our economy; promising both big tax cuts and so-called deficit-neutral “tax reform” without providing any specifics for how those tax cuts would be paid for; and relying on rosy economic assumptions to show a balanced budget by 2027 on paper.
As a statement of a fiscal vision for the nation, the plan is exceptionally harsh:  its steep cuts in entitlement and non-defense discretionary programs would hit low- and moderate-income families hard and disinvest in areas important for long-term economic growth.  This vision is broadly similar to that reflected in House Republican budgets put forward since 2011.
In short, this is not a fiscal blueprint that will aid struggling families, bolster communities left behind, or help more Americans have a shot at the American dream.  It’s a blueprint that asks the most from those who have the least and would leave us a coarser nation and one less prepared for future economic challenges.
While some details remain unclear, the budget plan would:
  • Cut $4.4 trillion over ten years from entitlement programs, including cuts to Medicaid and Medicare, income assistance for working-poor and other struggling families, basic food assistance, and assistance for students to go to college.  These cuts would make it harder for millions of Americans to afford food, housing, health care, and a college education.
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