On September 26, students and schools across New York celebrated the power of school breakfast to feed brains and bodies as part of the inaugural New York State School Breakfast Day. School Breakfast Day highlighted this critical meal to the school community through social media, school celebrations, and outreach to families, showing that a healthy school breakfast builds strong, engaged students.

As part of the FY 2019 budget, New York enacted legislation to help tackle the problem of hunger in the classroom through new programs including requiring high poverty schools to serve breakfast after the school day begins so healthy options are available for all students. School Breakfast Day was created as a way to showcase the “No Student Goes Hungry” initiative — a comprehensive program to provide students of all ages, backgrounds and financial situations access to healthy, locally-sourced meals. Nearly 1,400 schools in every corner of New York State will expand their school breakfast offerings to include Breakfast After the Bell.

“The School Breakfast Program is a proven strategy to reduce hunger. It provides critical support for struggling families who may not have enough to feed their children and offers students a significant portion of the nutrition they need to learn and be healthy,” said Linda Bopp, Executive Director of Hunger Solutions New York. “Strategies that make breakfast part of the school day (Breakfast After the Bell) are the most successful in ensuring strong participation in the program. Studies have linked Breakfast After the Bell with increased attendance, fewer disciplinary referrals, and reduced stigma often associated with program participation. School Breakfast Day is a celebration of the tremendous work schools are doing across the state to remove barriers to breakfast participation, and going forward, New York’s No Student Goes Hungry initiative will help ensure that every child starts their day hunger-free.”

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