In 2016, Hunger Solutions New York concluded its fifth year of partnering with the Health and Welfare Council of Long Island on the Long Island Anti-Hunger Initiative (LIAH), which utilized traditional and technology-based Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) outreach strategies to assist low-income residents of Nassau and Suffolk counties.

Outreach efforts specifically targeted the newly unemployed, working poor, female heads of household, seniors and documented immigrants.

Traditional outreach methods included in-person SNAP prescreenings, education and application assistance; educational flyer distribution; and referrals. We also used technology-based methods to spread the word about SNAP. Those efforts included social media campaigns, online ads and an innovative tool to help Long Island residents quickly determine if they may be eligible for SNAP. Using the tool, potential SNAP applicants complete the prescreening process online or through text messaging and immediately learn if they may be eligible for SNAP and receive information about where to apply. The process is free and confidential.

Final figures on LIAH’s five-year impact show the program helped to raise a significant amount of awareness about SNAP and provided assistance to thousands of hungry Long Islanders:

·         SNAP prescreenings completed: 20,263

·         SNAP applications completed: 2,855

·         SNAP cases opened: 2,450

·         Traditional outreach efforts completed: 199,466

·         Technology-based reach: 457,625

Another five-year partnership with Health and Welfare Council of Long Island began Oct. 1, 2016, to provide further targeted SNAP outreach on Long Island.