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Our SNAP Eligibility Prescreening Guide

This tool helps those working with low-income households to:

  • Determine if a household may qualify for SNAP and estimate their SNAP monthly benefit;
  • Assist potentially eligible households with the SNAP application process; and
  • Assist current SNAP participants in the recertification process.

Download and Print the Latest Version of the SNAP Prescreening Guide

How to set up your printed guide:
The guide is designed to be inserted into a 3-ring binder with tabbed dividers separating each section. Add a tab divider page to the front of each section with the name of the section on the tab to easily navigate the guide.

Download/Print the Full Guide —Updated 10/2022. This version includes links for policy memos and other resources

Print Sections of the Guide:

Intro —updated 10/2022

How to Use This Guide —updated 6/2022

Eligibility Rules —updated 10/2022

Programs to Help Seniors and Disabled Applicants Access SNAP —updated 10/2022

Budgeting and Estimating SNAP Benefits —updated 10/2022

Applying for SNAP —updated 10/2022

Maintaining SNAP Benefits and Recertification —updated 10/2022

Using SNAP Benefits —updated 10/2022

SNAP Benefits During Disasters and Misfortunes —updated 10/2021

Keep your guide up-to-date:
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Request a copy of the guide:
If you would like to receive a printed copy of the SNAP Prescreening Guide, please email your request to

NEW—Online SNAP Benefits Estimator Tool
Use this calculator to estimate SNAP benefits for a household.

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