The Farm Bill and SNAP in NYS

The Farm Bill is a piece of legislation that authorizes most federal policies governing food and agriculture programs, including The Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP).

Every five years the Farm Bill is reauthorized by Congress, which provides an opportunity for policymakers to review the programs included in the legislation and consider any programmatic changes. Congress is starting the reauthorization process on the 2018 Farm Bill.

Millions of New Yorkers who face hunger rely on Farm Bill nutrition programs like SNAP to purchase healthy food to feed themselves and their families. SNAP has amazing strengths that reach key vulnerable populations to reduce hunger, improve health, respond to a crisis, support work, and lift millions of people out of poverty while bolstering local economies.

Farm Bill Agreement Keeps Food on Table for Millions of People Struggling Against Hunger

Where the Farm Bill currently stands:

 Congress passed the Farm Bill and signed has been signed by President Trump. It protects and strengthens SNAP and rejects the partisan House-passed bill’s proposals to take away food assistance from people in our community through cuts and harmful changes.

The agreement ensures that SNAP will continue to help feed children and their parents, seniors, people with disabilities, and working people with low pay and inconsistent hours who struggle to make ends meet.

This includes 1 in 7 people right here in New York.

SNAP has long had bipartisan support, and we commend House and Senate negotiators for continuing that tradition by working together, across party lines, to protect food assistance in the final farm bill agreement.

Thank you for all you have done to lift your voices to educate policymakers about how the proposed harmful changes to SNAP would impact real people – children, seniors, working families, veterans and people with disabilities, among others.

We will provide more detailed information on the final agreement as it becomes available.

  • Drafted by the US House Agriculture Committee and the Senate Agriculture, Nutrition, and Forestry Committee.
  • Sets the policies that bring food from our farms and ranches to our stores and homes.
  • It is broken into 12 “titles” that address broad categories like agriculture, food assistance programs, and research.
  • Title 4, knows as the Nutrition Title authorizes SNAP.

SNAP and the Farm Bill in NYS fact sheet

Download a printable version of our Farm Bill Fact Sheet