School Districts & School Food Authorities

CACFP is a win-win for students and schools.

Kids and teens benefit from afterschool nutrition and schools receive per-meal reimbursements – currently, $3.31 per meal or $.91 per snack served for At-Risk Afterschool programs. A school serving 100 students with healthy meals and snacks after school could be reimbursed up to $75,960 annually.

Schools are ideal CACFP sponsors.

School food authorities (SFAs) are uniquely equipped to provide high-quality afterschool nutrition. Because SFAs already participate in other federal child nutrition programs like the National School Lunch Program (NSLP), USDA has streamlined the CACFP application and administration processes for SFA sponsors. Click here to read the USDA memo.

SFAs have the flexibility to:

  • Streamline afterschool meals preparation with other school meals programs when possible. Some SFAs prepare afterschool meals as they prepare school lunch or breakfast, then store the meals for program staff to distribute at the end of the day.
  • Serve hot or cold meals, or “super snacks” that meet full meal requirements, but may be easier to prepare, store, and serve than traditional hot suppers. Click here to view sample menus, meal patterns, and the NYS CACFP Crediting Handbook.
  • Contract out food preparation to a vendor, including another CACFP sponsor.

CACFP can enhance your school’s nutrition programs.

Serve Complete Afterschool Meals

If your school already serves afterschool snacks, CACFP provides an opportunity to serve full meals, giving students a more substantial nutritional boost.

For At-Risk Afterschool programs, the CACFP meal reimbursement rate is more than triple the NSLP reimbursement rate for afterschool snacks. In the example below, an SFA serving 100 students could receive up to $59,580 in additional funds annually by providing full meals and snacks through CACFP.

Example: Reimbursement for Afterschool Meals & Snacks

Serving 100 Students for 180 Days

NSLP: Snacks

CACFP: Meals

CACFP: Meals + Snacks




Provide Year-Round Nutrition

If your district already sponsors Summer Food Service Program (SFSP) sites, transitioning to CACFP during the school year is a natural fit to provide year-round nutrition. If your district is interested in sponsoring summer meals or helping with outreach to increase participation at sites across your district, visit SummerMealsNY.org.

SFAs can also opt to serve meals through CACFP on weekends, school breaks, and/or unanticipated school closures throughout the school year.

Hunger Solutions New York can help.

Hunger Solutions New York provides personalized assistance free of charge to school districts interested in implementing or expanding CACFP and other nutrition programs that serve kids and teens, including the Summer Food Service Program, the School Breakfast Program, the Community Eligibility Provision, and the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program. We provide program information, gather county-, school-, and district-level data, connect districts with eligible local afterschool programs, and more.

Please contact Misha Marvel, Child Nutrition Programs Specialist, or Krista Hesdorfer, CACFP Associate, for assistance.

Visit SchoolMealsHubNY.org to connect with other nutrition programs available for students.

To apply for CACFP, contact the NYS Department of Health:

Call: (518) 402-7400

Email: [email protected] – use the subject line “Outreach Coordinator”