Hunger Solutions New York’s dedicated staff combines years of diverse experience with a passion for the mission of alleviating hunger in New York.

To send a staff member an email, use this format: [email protected] (example: [email protected]).

Linda Bopp
Executive Director




Gail A. Cooney
Finance and Administration Associate
518-436-8757 x 111



Patricia Deubel
Assistant Director of Field Operations
518-436-8757 x 118



Emily DiMuria
Communications & Public Affairs Associate
518-436-8757 x 103



Laura Doherty
Finance and Administration Associate
518-436-8757 x 123



Colleen Donovan, LMSW
SNAP Technical Assistance Specialist
518-436-8757 x 126



Nicole Gentile, MSW
518-436-8757 x 102



Krista Hesdorfer
Child Nutrition Program Specialist
518-436-8757 x137



Diana Lezette 
Training and Instructional Design Coordinator
518-436-8757 x 122



Connie Neidrauer-Brown
Contract Manager
518-436-8757 x 132

Misha Marvel, MSW
Child Nutrition Programs Specialist
518-436-8757 x 120



Jennifer Ozgur 
Outreach and Education Designer
518-436-8757 x 113



Jessica Pino-Goodspeed, LMSW
Child Nutrition Programs Specialist



Dawn Secor
SNAP Policy Specialist

518-436-8757 x 112



Sheldon Taylor
Contract Manager
518-436-8757 x 127



Sherry Tomasky, MA
Director, Public Affairs
518-436-8757 x 136



Patricia Vidoni
Contract Manager
(315) 737-8061



Andres J. Vives, MBA
Associate Executive Director
518-436-8757 x 100



Kara Williams, MSW
WIC Help New York Contract Manager and
Technical Assistance Specialist

518-436-8757 x 134



Anthony Zumbolo, MS
518-436-8757 x 121



Karlene Zuranski
Contract Manager
518-436-8757 x 110