This week marked a huge victory for New York State students! New York has enacted one of the strongest child hunger measures in the nation in its 2018-2019 state budget. Governor Andrew Cuomo’s sweeping plan titled “No Student Goes Hungry” establishes New York as a leader in ensuring access to healthy school meals for students.

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 Thanks to the leadership of Governor Cuomo and the support of the Legislature, New York State will now connect more children who face hunger with the meals they need.

What “No Student Goes Hungry” means for New York


  • Statewide “Breakfast After the Bell” for High-Need Schools:
    School breakfast will now reach more students in our highest-poverty schools – defined as schools with 70% or more students eligible for free and reduced-price school meals. This includes about 1,400 schools who will now receive funding and support to serve breakfast as part of the instructional school day, also referred to as “Breakfast After the Bell” to ensure essential morning nutrition is accessible to over 100,000 additional students.
  • Statewide Policy to Address Unpaid School Meal Debt:
    Schools across the state will now have a consistent policy to address unpaid school meal debt. This statewide policy will ensure any child without money for a meal—regardless of which school they attend—are not singled out, provided a lesser meal, or otherwise treated differently.
  • Significant Expansion of Farm to School Programs:
    New York has made a historic commitment to Farm to School programs by doubling the amount of grant funding available to schools and offering an incentivized additional school lunch reimbursement. This will bring more healthy, locally-sourced foods into K-12 schools.

Hunger is a reality for 1 in 5 New York State children.

The state’s investment will directly impact children who face hunger. We know that for many children from food-insecure households, school meals is their best chance for getting the nutrients they need. Connecting more children to school breakfast and a healthier school lunch isn’t just the right thing to do; it is a strategic investment that will bolster student health and well-being, while also supporting school nutrition programs and the state’s agriculture economy.

Hunger Solutions New York teamed up with national, state, and local organizations to garner support for this comprehensive plan to be included in the final budget. On behalf of our coalition, we want to thank Governor Cuomo for his leadership and the Legislature for taking a stand to protect our next generation of leaders against child hunger.We look forward to working with Governor Cuomo and the Legislature to implement this and future anti-hunger efforts, and are proud that our leaders have sent a strong, bi-partisan message—together we can end child hunger in New York State.