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Toolkit: SNAP October 1 Eligibility/Budgeting Changes

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Toolkit: SNAP October 1 Eligibility/Budgeting Changes

September 28, 2016
Dawn Secor

Each Oct. 1, the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) adjusts the income guidelines used to determine eligibility and the standards and deductions used to determine the monthly benefits an eligible family will receive. This toolkit provides tools and resources to help community organizations when working with SNAP applicants. It includes: a SNAP policy update, the 2016 SNAP Budget Worksheet, 2016 NYSNIP Matrix and updated SNAP Benefit Estimators.   

 More families may now be eligible for SNAP due to increases in the SNAP income guidelines!  This includes families who previously had been slightly "over income.” 

Included Resources
SNAP Policy Update
snap_policy_update_7_oct_1_final_2.pdf419.64 KB
SNAP Budget Worksheet 2016
snap_budget_worksheet_9_28_16.pdf126.64 KB
NYSNIP Matrix by Shelter Type 2016
nysnip_matrix_2016.pdf341.94 KB