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SNAP Helps People Living with Disabilities

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SNAP Helps People Living with Disabilities

February 10, 2017
Kelly de la Rocha

Disabled New Yorkers rank among our most vulnerable populations, often burdened with enormous medical bills, and mental and physical restrictions that make holding down a job difficult or impossible. Many of these people find themselves having to choose between paying their monthly bills and getting proper nutrition.

The Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) can help to lessen that worry by stretching food dollars for low-income individuals and families.

The Nutrition Application and Education Program (NOEP), managed by Hunger Solutions New York, can help to simplify the SNAP education process for people with disabilities. NOEP Coordinators provide free, confidential pre-screenings to determine potential SNAP eligibility, help applicants fill out the SNAP application and work to ensure it is processed correctly.

Hunger Solutions New York manages NOEP in nearly every county in New York State and throughout all boroughs of New York City, through subcontracts with 52 community-based agencies. Services are available in person or over the phone. Home visits can be arranged, too, along with translation services, if needed.

Once SNAP benefits are secured, monthly benefits are automatically deposited into participants’ accounts. Using a special debit card, participants can buy food from local stores and many farmers’ markets. On a monthly basis, the program helps approximately 3 million people in New York State stretch their food budgets. 

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