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Flooding, Power Outages and Replacement SNAP Benefits

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Flooding, Power Outages and Replacement SNAP Benefits

July 06, 2017
Dawn Secor

Due to recent flooding and power outages in areas of NYS we want to alert SNAP (food stamp) recipients about replacement SNAP benefits.  Current SNAP recipients who lost food purchased with their SNAP/EBT card due to flooding or a power outage of more than 4 hours may be eligible for replacement SNAP benefits.  

Hunger Solutions New York wants to remind community organizations working on SNAP about the process for requesting SNAP replacement benefits due to household misfortune. Current SNAP recipient families and individuals who have lost food purchased with SNAP benefits due to storms, flooding, power outages or other misfortunes may be entitled to a replacement issuance.

Under SNAP regulations it is always possible for SNAP recipients who lost food in a “household misfortune” to obtain replacement benefits as long as they fit the criteria and fulfill the requirements. This SNAP Policy update provides information on the SNAP replacement criteria and requirements.  It also provides an outreach flyer for community organizations to use with affected households.  It provides the necessary form needed to request benefits along with a cover page from Hunger Solutions New York.

Included Resources
Read the SNAP Policy Update
snap_policy_update_6_replacment.pdf506.29 KB
Download the Replacement SNAP Benefits Flyer
Download Form 2291 English/Spanish with HSNY Cover Page