Afterschool Meals

Children and teenagers in afterschool programs need quality nutrition to propel their success beyond the school day.

Afterschool programs that serve meals or snacks draw youth into constructive activities that are safe, fun, and filled with supportive opportunities for learning. Well-nourished children are ready to focus on homework, socialize with peers, and participate in skill-building and physical activities.

CACFP’s afterschool meals component gives a nutritional boost to youth ages 18 and younger in afterschool programs located in or near schools where the majority of students qualify for free or reduced-priced school meals.* Nutritious afterschool meals and/or snacks can be served in group settings after the regular school day ends, on weekends, and during holiday breaks throughout the school year. There is no cost or paperwork for students' families.

Eligible programs provide educational or enrichment activities, meet state and local health and safety standards, and serve nutritionally balanced meals and snacks that meet USDA's nutrition standards. Any eligible afterschool program can choose to participate and apply at any time of the year. The NYS Department of Health’s prescreening tool can help determine if a program may be eligible for CACFP.

*Afterschool programs that are not located in eligible low-income areas may still qualify for reimbursement through traditional CACFP. Contact the NYS Department of Health for more information; call (518) 402-7400 or email using the subject line "Outreach Coordinator."

Follow the links below to learn more about the CACFP At-Risk Afterschool Supper/Snack component.

For additional information, contact Misha Marvel, Child Nutrition Programs Specialist, or Krista Hesdorfer, CACFP Associate.

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